The success of your Practice depends on having a reliable partner with a strategy that aligns with your business objectives. We’re confident that we are the only the proven standard of excellence in providing these benefits to Orthopedic Groups nationwide.

Top 10 Reasons Reliable IT Exceeds the Competition:

  1. 15-Minute Response Time
    24x7 live answer with 15-minute response time for critical and high priority requests. We don’t sleep, get sick, or go on vacation, resulting in less down time and higher productivity for your business.
  2. 20+ Years of Longevity and Strong Financials
    With 20+ years of longevity in the healthcare industry and strong financials, you have the peace of mind knowing we are in business for the long haul.
  3. Money Back Guarantees
    We will not put our name on something that does not meet our own standard of excellence, which is why Reliable IT offers the best three money back guarantees in our industry; 90-Day, Customer Satisfaction, and No Breach Guarantees.
  4. Strategic Partnership
    We take the time to know your business and staff, so we can roadmap solutions that will align IT with your company’s objectives. Our goal is to enable you and your team to focus on growing your business.
  5. HIPAA & SOC 2
    We undergo regular audits to ensure our processes and policies meet or exceed industry best practices, so you know your network and data is safe.
  6. Comprehensive Security
    We take a comprehensive, proactive, layered approach to IT security to ensure your business is not breached. We maintain up-to-date tools and certified expertise in all areas related to cybersecurity, and back it up with our “No Breach Money Back Guarantee.”
  7. Certified Compliance Expertise
    There is not a problem that our certified experts have not resolved in our years in the healthcare industry. Our comprehensive knowledge of HIPAA Compliance is what separates us from the competition.
  8. Certified Technical Expertise
    Our certified staff stays current on the latest technical innovations to assure your personnel is educated on solutions that increase efficiencies and uptime while reducing costs.
  9. Cost Effective, Scalable & Custom Agreements
    Our personalized attention to your business begins with a customized agreement, outlining cost effective strategies tailored to meet your specific needs.
  10. Nationwide On-site support
    Our nationwide reach allows us to provide an onsite resource to 98% of all zip codes in the US within 4 hours.