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We take the time to communicate with top executives, as well as front-line employees, such as front desk personnel and medical practitioners so we understand your practice from the ground up.

At Reliable IT Healthcare, we have the expertise to become your Virtual CIO (Chief Information Officer). That means we will own and manage everything associated with your technology including:

  • Technology Infrastructure
  • Developing and managing an annual IT plan and budget, if necessary
  • Firewall and virus protection to WAN/LAN health monitoring
  • Disaster recovery
  • Scheduling on-site support
  • Planning strategic and tactical development
  • Evaluating and coordinating IT systems
  • Evaluating and managing system policy
  • Creating, maintaining and supporting procedures and standards
  • Managing technology goals, projects and procedures

As your Virtual CIO, we perform all these functions with a focus on keeping your data safe, secure, and accessible around the clock, 365 days a year. We can also provide service on an as-needed basis.

If any of this causes you to pause and think for a moment, you may need to discuss your technology roadmap, get assistance with security and disaster recovery planning, plan routine IT maintenance through monitoring and management, or invest in around the clock IT expertise. No matter what your technology needs are, Reliable IT Healthcare can help!

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Operational positions are, by nature, organization and industry specific. But, some organizations need to supplement the talent of their staff with more focused expertise.

According to survey data on, the median yearly salary for Chief Operations Officers in the United States is $433,682. This is equivalent to an hourly wage of $209, or $8,340 weekly. With bonuses, social security, disability, retirement, healthcare, and time off included, the total average compensation for COOs is $707,326 each year.

As your Virtual COO, Reliable IT Healthcare can provide any number of executive operational services backed by an operations team for a fraction of the cost of a dedicated COO.

Your vCOO will develop and align your clinical, marketing, front office, and business office with your overall business initiatives to deliver strategic and monetary returns.

We can handle your:

  • Ambulatory operations
  • Employment and staffing
  • Facilities and infrastructure planning
  • Physician relations
  • Project Management
  • Data and analytics modeling
  • PR/communications

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Changes in the way healthcare organizations conduct their affairs is creating change in the way CEOs perform their duties. CEO’s in healthcare need to be innovators, influencers, and managers of a complex network of people and services, while finding ways for the organization to increase profit and growth.

In many cases, the ongoing priority for CEO’s is helping physicians remain independent and in control of their success.

“More than half of hospital and health system executives polled would not have a chief executive lined up if their CEO suddenly left, according to a new survey.

Fifty-four percent of 164 executives surveyed said they don’t have a ready successor and 43% operate without an effective internal succession plan, according to a new survey from executive search firm Korn Ferry. Nearly a third lack a succession plan entirely.”

We are beginning to see a shift in healthcare to outsourcing of subject matter experts, virtual medicine, and virtual executives to help reduce costs, while at the same time, providing organizations access to high quality executive expertise nationwide.

As your vCEO, Reliable IT Healthcare can help you:

  • Navigate today’s strict regulatory requirements
  • Manage tight margins
  • Advise and assist with your board’s initiatives and strategic plans

Whether you need short term assistance or long-term help, Reliable IT Healthcare has you covered!

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