Before Reliable IT, we had outsourced all of our data center and network administration to a third party company. However, they were not cutting it. We had frequent outages; we had problems with our Citrix environment that they just simply could not fix for us. It was just causing massive outages throughout our entire clinic. Therefore, we didn’t really have anybody that we knew that we could rely on to fix the problems that we had.

There weren’t any additional costs per se, but we were just down a lot. So, being down obviously costs a lot of money as an organization. Along with just staff that was so very frustrated with IT, that they didn’t even call when they went down. Because they knew that, we could not do anything to fix it.

We ultimately brought Reliable IT in and they looked at it and said, well we don’t really know what the problem is either, but we don’t want to roll that problem forward. Therefore, we just replaced everything when they came in. That’s completely transformed our entire environment where we have very little downtime. We know we can call them; they have experts in all the areas that we need them, and we can call them if we have any problems.

I met Mike through Ortho forum, I talked to him and some of his other co-workers and determined the best way to move forward, and they did a security risk assessment on our organization to find some of the areas where we knew we were having problems. Then, they were the first people that we thought of because of that relationship that we had already built with them when we realized our previous company was not cutting it.

We’ve had no issues, they’re very responsive, they’ve got people that wake up very early to check on things ahead of time, and they’re responsive very quickly via phone or email to us, that we’ve had no issues with them being remote. I think that the way technology has changed over the last ten years or so, for us became very subspecialized, where people have to know the specific thing they are working on. We like the idea of bringing in somebody who has all these people that have all this specialized knowledge, we think that’s really important to move forward as we learn about all the phishing and cybersecurity issues, etc. We need somebody who really does that every day, not occasionally. That is what we feel like we get from Reliable.