Mike’s involvement was the difference for us and that we had a principle of the organization, not only involved on the front end during the sales process so to speak, but also during the actual operation. As well as coming up with the final report and delivery of the final report. It was having his dedicated involvement throughout the process that really made the process work more effectively for us.

In the situation that we were in, it was more of a defined engagement, where it was an assessment process, and having a remote vendor in for that isn’t as big of an issue or concern as it is if they were going to be the ongoing operator of the IT infrastructure. And in that regard, I think there’s more of that concern but I know when I’ve talked to Mike about it before they’re always happy to put a person on the ground if that’s what’s needed. To be able to do those things that have to be done in person or provide the comfort that comes with having something, somebody, physically located within the market that you’re working.

I think I would recommend Reliable IT, because of the level of service that was provided, the thoroughness that was done, and in the way in which it was done and provided to us. Again, and having somebody really overseeing and shepherding the process through, and making sure that everything was delivered to our satisfaction. So, there’s always one person to go to if there were any kind of issues, questions, or anything else we needed.