Why are hospitals, clinics and other medical institutions outsourcing their healthcare IT services? While different medical professionals may give different reasons for their decision, there are some common factors that have led the healthcare industry to work with healthcare IT companies in order to provide the best possible services for patients, doctors, nurses and medical office staff members.

IT Saves Money

Can outsourcing clinical IT management enable medical professionals to save money? Many hospitals, clinics and doctors have found that the answer is yes. In fact, a survey conducted by Black Book Research shows that up to 90% of all medical institutions that outsourced their IT services saw a return on investment in three months or even less.

A growing number of medical institutions are relying on electronic medical records to keep track of patient information. Medical centers that do not outsource IT management need to invest in IT equipment and hire and train IT professionals to handle tasks such as network maintenance, data storage, and management and online security maintenance. On the other hand, those who work with healthcare IT services don’t have to worry about periodically upgrading IT equipment, preventing or dealing with malware attacks and/or system downtime, installing program updates for an EMR program or modifying program information to suit their exact needs. These, along with many other useful services, are included in a healthcare IT support package. What is more, healthcare IT services also offer ongoing training that would be costly for medical institutions to provide on their own.

IT Improves Services

Will outsourcing healthcare IT make it possible for you to improve patient services? There is clear evidence that healthcare IT outsourcing enables medical service providers to offer better, faster, more efficient services to patients of all ages and walks of life.

Healthcare IT companies will keep your EMR program optimized, enabling you to access and edit patient information faster and more easily than would have otherwise been possible. Professional IT services can also help you adapt any EMR program that you may be used to suit your specific needs, thus saving time and reducing the likelihood of human error. Additionally, IT professionals can help you identify trends that would help you provide even better patient service in the near or distant future.

IT companies put a premium on security, conducting regular assessments to keep patient records safe from electronic breaches. This gives medical professionals and their patients’ peace of mind that important personal records are secure at all times. Billing mistakes that would be time-consuming to resolve are largely avoided as IT professionals fill out important information and then double-check it for accuracy. Moreover, system downtime will become a thing of the past as a large, competent IT company handles your IT services using only the best tools and technology for the job.

It Enables Medical Professionals to Focus on Important Aspects of Their Jobs

How can IT outsourcing free up doctors and nurses to do their primary job of caring for patients? There are several ways in which this is accomplished. Healthcare IT professionals can take on jobs such as handling medical records and billing patients so your doctors and nurses don’t have to spend long hours updating medical records and filling out paperwork. IT professionals can offer training that would enable doctors and nurses who do work with EMR records to record information quickly and easily. Furthermore, IT professionals handle program mistakes and glitches in a timely manner so that doctors and nurses don’t face delays in accessing important information.

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