Everything is bigger in Texas – including the puns! So what happens when you get a bunch of orthopedic professionals together and serve Texan cuisine? A ten-gallon good time, that’s what!

Dallas OrthoConnect Conference

Mix orthopedics with IT, and what automatically comes to mind? Probably bionic limbs! But there’s a much more involved hierarchy for IT healthcare, and we can’t wait to share important topics with you. We are thrilled to offer an incredible Texan cuisine experience this year after OrthoConnect 2018, with a gathering at the prestigious LAW Restaurant. The menu boasts a delicious and diverse spread of game, meats, poultry and much more, and the event is complete with several orthopedic professionals we’ve invited to share in lively discussions after the close of OrthoConnect. Dine with our group of premier orthopedic specialists and discuss today’s pressing technology topics and the evolution of the modern medical practice including the constant IT changes practices face.

Reliable IT Healthcare is a proud sponsor of the post-OrthoConnect Dinner, a sumptuous feast after the popular annual event designed to bridge orthopedic professionals and IT issues in healthcare. OrthoConnect 2018 is an event put on by The OrthoForum, a national physician specialty organization whose membership is comprised of private orthopedic practices. Aside from advocacy and education, The OrthoForum and OrthoConnect offer collective insights into practice management and resources for the modern medical office, and this event dives into a wealth of information delivered in clear and concise presentations.

More medical offices are migrating toward the use of electronic health records (EHR) for easier access and simplified organization, and electronic insurance claim submissions and billing for faster payments from insurance companies and patients – and that’s just the start! Many orthopedic surgeons are also taking advantage of advanced, even customized software for everything from patient scheduling and communication, to imaging and modeling to assist in diagnostics and demonstrations, which means medical professionals need to incorporate technology into their daily office operations aside from recordkeeping and billing. The day-to-day details of running a medical practice now require as much attention to IT as patient care does, given the technology now available. Orthopedic professionals are no longer forced to choose between the bottom line and patient care with better outcomes. Patients looking around waiting rooms or exam rooms in an office shouldn’t be looking at worn carpeting or vinyl flooring, chipped countertops and cabinets, and yellowing plastic displays of various body parts. High-tech practices that incorporate technology with updated surroundings offer patients impressive computer simulations and innovative demonstrations to explain procedures, treatments, and recovery. Technology builds confidence for both patient and practitioner, and practices are evolving with the times.

Add the multitude of regulations and compliance issues in the medical field, and the competition with other orthopedic practices and medical practitioners, and the orthopedic industry is changing almost too rapidly to keep up. The introduction of technology into the hands of both providers and patients has proven both a benefit and a curse. The old standards by which providers acquired patients isn’t effective in the age of technology, and providers that invest in practice technology are leaving behind those choosing to stagnate. When asking a provider how their time is divided, it’s not surprising to hear providers are now feeling the burden of continuing education specifically for technology weighing heavily on their mind, not to mention marketing their practice and reinforcing any competitive edge also impacting their time – and budget.

Clinicians are also finding more effective ways to balance care with costs. Consider, for example, the Find-a-Part web database of orthopedic parts, with nearly a half million items including pricing and illustrations. For the last decade, Find-a-Part has maintained an online presence, and its parent entity sends a quarterly newsletter to focus on cost and quality issues in the orthopedic industry. Rather than consulting a thick paper catalog with pricing that becomes outdated soon after printing, a quick entry of a few keystrokes offers a variety of options.

It’s no longer enough to consider IT concerns separately from the medical evaluation and diagnosis; everything goes hand-in-hand with today’s orthopedic practice. Researchers at the University of Wisconsin designed a wearable device that measures tendon tension during physical activity. It’s one of the innovative ways orthopedic professionals are devising to non-invasively diagnose and treat patients using technology.

It truly is amazing how technology is advancing medicine:

  • Mobile apps aren’t limited to Candy Crush or Smashy Road! Did you know there’s a smartphone case that turns a smartphone into a stethoscope? It requires no batteries or charging, no pairing, and works with a free app in the App Store. The user interface shows both the patient and the practitioner visualizations of the patient’s heart rate and lung activity. Imagine starting a patient exam with the StethIO!
  • Silk is one of the world’s strongest natural materials, and there are studies about using synthetic silk-based products to repair damaged bones.

These are just a few of the ways that orthopedic professionals are finding to bridge medical care and healthcare-centric IT, and our featured group of orthopedic surgeons can’t wait to share a lively discussion, in hopes of helping ease the burden of healthcare considerations, like care versus cost and technology versus treatment.

To join us for the post-OrthoConnect Texan Cuisine Dinner at the Law Restaurant with Reliable IT Healthcare, confirm your RSVP details. Will ribs be both in the discussion and on the menu? You’ll have to find out – we look forward to seeing you soon!

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