Why should you attend Momentum 2018?

There are plenty of compelling reasons but in short, Momentum 2018 offers you the opportunity to learn about cutting-edge medical technology and trends that can enable you to better serve your patients in an efficient, effective manner.

Reliable IT Healthcare is one of the proud sponsors of the event and, as such, offers you the opportunity to discover how to optimize your EMR software to better reach your goals. Following are three compelling reasons to pay us a visit when you attend Momentum 2018.

Learn More About EMR Optimization

Are you looking for EMR software that is efficient, effective and easy to use? Modernizing Medicine is one of the best healthcare IT services on the market. It offers eight specialty-specific software programs to suit the needs of any doctor or medical institution. The programs are intuitive and user-friendly, allowing doctors and other medical professionals to fill out, edit and find information with ease. What is more, Modernizing Medicine software uses a comprehensive analytics program to provide the information you need to improve patient care while cutting back on unnecessary costs. The analytics feature also enables you to stay abreast of current medical trends in your area so you can make wise, well-informed decisions regarding the future of your medical practice.

Nonetheless, even the best healthcare IT solution on the market needs a top-notch IT system to back it up. Reliable IT Healthcare specializes in offering cloud hosting, managed services and consulting services to keep your IT system optimized at all times. We provide a high level of security as well as training opportunities, 24/7 technical assistance and much more. With professional help from our HIPAA-compliant technicians, your chosen EMR software programs will run better than ever before.

Discover Tailor-Made Solutions to Suit Your EMR Needs

As a Modernizing Medicine IT partner, we are familiar with the company’s software programs and can help you to customize them to suit your specific needs. Do you have new doctors and nurses who need help learning how to work with EMR software? If so, we can adjust the software programs to help them avoid making common mistakes that could take hours or days to sort out. Does your billing department regularly spend a lot of time handling certain issues? We can streamline your EMR program to save you time and money.

Have you recently merged with another medical practice or are you planning on doing so in the future? If this is the case, we can help you merge your medical records so that there are no errors or omissions when the merger is complete. We not only work with Modernizing Medicine but also other common EMR programs such as Allscripts, PowerChart, Epic Systems, and Kareo Clinical EMR Software. We can streamline your medical records as you see fit so that your new EMR solution suits your current and future needs.

Perhaps you aren’t sure which solutions would be best for your medical practice. If so, stop by our table and talk with one of our trained, experienced technicians. We would be happy to explore different options to help you improve your IT set-up so you can focus on patient care and treatment rather than IT issues.

Get an IT Security Risk Assessment

Recent statistics show that cyber-attacks against medical institutions are on the rise; in fact, close to 50% of all ransomware attacks in 2017 targeted healthcare providers. Hospitals, clinics, private practices, and EMR companies across the country have all been targeted by cyber-criminals. These targeted attacks not only cost medical practices millions of dollars but also put patient lives in danger. When an EMR system goes down, doctors and nurses don’t have the information they need to provide the level of care their community needs and deserves. Patient data is at risk of being sold to malicious third parties who can then exploit it for their own purposes. In some scenarios, even hospitals that pay a ransom to get the data back are able to successfully recover vital patient information.

Are you concerned about the security of your EMR software program? If so, we would be happy to partner with you to keep your records safe and secure at all times. Reliable IT Healthcare offers a comprehensive IT security risk assessment that can prevent these cyber-attacks from the get-go. We take an in-depth look at your software program and IT system, ask detailed questions and then provide you with a report outlining ways to improve your system security to prevent harmful cyber-attacks from targeting your practice.

Reliable IT Healthcare specializes in providing healthcare IT solutions to orthopedic medical institutions throughout the United States. We look forward to seeing you at Momentum 2018; even so, you don’t have to attend this amazing annual event to learn more about us. Get in touch by email, phone or via our website to discover healthcare IT services that meet your needs at a cost you can afford.