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What are multiple reasons healthcare providers hire Medical IT Consulting firms? If you have been in the healthcare space any length of time, then at a glance, HIPAA compliance, cybersecurity and data breaches might seem obvious. But did you know those are not the basis for the hiring decision?

In the world of Health IT, there a many moving parts. For example, in the area of information technology, which involves healthcare information systems, there are five automated and interoperable levels:

  • Design
  • Development
  • Create
  • Use
  • Maintenance

These areas balance each other out to improve medical care overall. Which means improving patient satisfaction and lowering costs while reducing error and increasing efficiency.

What Makes Reliable IT Healthcare A Leader In The Healthcare IT Consulting Community?

Another Health IT moving part is the different types of health information technologies.

  • EHR – Electronic Health Record. As a patient, this is your digital record providers access.
  • PHR – Personal Health Record. Your collection of health-related information you update.
  • HIE – Health Information Exchange. Health data clearinghouse where providers share data.

Now when you step back, one can see there is more to Healthcare IT than HIPAA compliance, cybersecurity or data breaches. The hiring decision takes on a whole new meaning and higher interest for healthcare providers. In a moment we will touch on Cloud Hosting, Clinical IT Operations, and EMR Software management.

As the healthcare industry continues growing, it becomes progressively complex. When choosing vendors, your trusted medical IT consultant is the go-to person you are looking to provide objectivity, experience and their expertise similar to Reliable IT Healthcare’s consulting firm.

Which Medical IT Consulting Firm Is The Right Choice?

Before we get into your, five key indicators, let’s take a look at three essential, but crucial parts that make up your healthcare practice. They are:

  • Clinical Operations
  • EMR Software Management
  • Cloud Hosting

As a healthcare provider and facility, you are responsible for all medical issues and business operations. In today’s healthcare industry your processes and technology must function as one unit. Each is performing their duties, in unison with the other.

Clinical Operations:

Many times, a Health IT Consulting firm will come into healthcare practice and find the operations are not being fully utilized preventing staff efficiency. After further examination, using Health Information Technology through system and process optimizations, the clinical activities are expanded and maximized for effectiveness.

Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Software Management:

EMR software management is designed to improve patient care for the provider. But when access to legible records does not enhance control of treatment from different physicians, a trained eye must step in to find where the communication broke down.

Cloud Hosting:

To prevent the clashing of your IT system and your ePHI with HIPAA Security and Omnibus Final Rule, your Cloud Hosting must come from a HIPAA compliant IT consulting firm. They will have a Program Management Office (PMO) in place. There should also be an exclusive project manager and thorough project plan with all onboarding.

Are You Ready? Here Are Your 5 Key Indicators That You Chose The Right Healthcare/Medical IT Consulting Firm

Up to this point we have mentioned HIPAA compliance, cybersecurity and data breaches. Then healthcare information systems and healthcare information technologies, and wrapped it up with Clinical Operations, EMR Software Management and finally Cloud Hosting.

All areas Reliable IT Healthcare, a Medical IT Consulting firm that specializes in Health And Patient Care IT are well versed and have client tailored solutions in place to assist.

But did you make the right choices when you chose your medical consulting firm? And of course, the right fit is highly contingent on your project goal. Let’s see how you did.

If you did choose correctly your Medical IT Consultant Firm has:

  • Steady Track Record of Problem Solving

If not, did the consultant make a convincing sales pitch without showing proof of an unbeaten track record? It is always safe to ask about the firm’s prior problem-solving experiences, primarily if an issue was similar to yours. Always request actual client references before you decide this is the firm you will work with, through the contract duration.

  • Transparent Team

Did the consulting team respect your time with their presentation? Here’s what we mean. Some firms will use management members to sell you on their service(s). But when it comes time for the actual Health IT work performed a less experienced member shows up to assist. You want to ask the presenter if they or another member in the room will be the person assigned to you in the long run.

  • Fair Cost Structure and Specified Completion Dates

The lure of an affordable consultant always comes at a stiffer price. Quite often low-cost consultants come with less experience, unexpected fees, and may not provide specified completion dates, which resolve your problem. An experienced medical IT consultant sets a specific time, achieves the goal, and yes the rate is higher. But the contract does not go on for an unspecified period.

  • Specialized Health IT Skills

In every industry, there is always the debate over hiring a specialist or hiring a generalist. In the world of Healthcare IT, there might be a rare instance a generalist is called in, but with mandated federal laws and regulated HIPAA compliance regulations is it worth an audit? A Health IT Consultant Specialist, has the required skill set, is HIPAA compliant themselves and will never have to guess how to resolve your healthcare practice’s IT issues.

  • Listening And Communicating Skills

The most valuable medical IT consultant firm listens to you and only acts on your needs. They are interested in a business relationship with you and your practice. They will observe and communicate openly and honestly, with an unbiased opinion, regarding your system’s issues and how, if any, fix is needed.

So How’d You Score?

If you haven’t noticed, the world of Health IT and consulting is multiplying. Picking the correct firm to work with can be a challenge. And remember not one firm will meet the standards of every company. If you are at the crossroad of decision reach out to Reliable IT Healthcare, a Medical IT Consulting firm that specializes in Health And Patient Care IT. Explore their process or schedule a risk assessment.