Taking Better Advantage of Technology in Your Orthopedic Practice

Answering key questions to help you optimize the IT infrastructure in your clinic

Orthopedic surgeons and their support teams are busier than ever before – constantly juggling patient care, regulatory compliance and the streamlining of daily operations. In fact, they’re doing all of this while also facing an increase in patients and a decrease of working surgeons. Suffice to say, orthopedic care practices have their hands full.

Technology is playing a larger role than ever before in helping healthcare professionals optimize their clinic environments. IT solutions – from hardware to software – are helping professionals better deliver the care experience and maintain the efficient due process for all patients.

However, because healthcare professionals are so busy, IT solutions are often installed quickly and only explored to a certain extent. The rush to get teams trained often results in a limited understanding of the solutions complete features. This results in some resources being underused or ignored altogether. So, we’ve put together some key questions your team should be considering when looking to take better advantage of your IT infrastructure. Let’s review them below.

  1. What’s slowing your clinic down?

Okay, there’s no denying you and your team is juggling a lot. However, if you can carve out some time to evaluate your day-to-day operations, chances are you’ll be able to identify the real trouble spots. You know – the thorns in the side of your business that slow things down or just seem generally inefficient.

Knowing your Achilles heel really is the first step to optimizing your IT solutions to fix it. Perhaps it’s appointment scheduling. Is your team using out-of-date software? Are they maximizing the potential offered by the scheduling solutions in your existing solution? Or, perhaps your struggle is more focused on maximizing face time with patients. In that case, have you looked to IT to better streamline your processes? Knowing what you want to fix will make all the difference when searching for IT solutions to remedy the problem.

  1. Is your compliance effort streamlined?

In the healthcare arena, nothing is more important than maintaining patient confidentiality and regulatory compliance. There’s no denying that HIPAA mandates can be a thorn in the side of any modern healthcare clinic. As things continue to virtualize, managing and maintaining HIPAA compliance and patient confidentiality is a huge challenge. However, with patient data and huge non-compliance penalties at stake, HIPAA is a priority that healthcare clinics simply can’t ignore.

There are countless tech solutions designed specifically to help you better manage compliance standards. The key is all about finding a solution that best streamlines your clinic’s compliance effort. Even better? Reaching out to an experienced IT advisor can be a huge asset in helping you evaluate your infrastructure to ensure you’re compliant at all end-points. Peace of mind is a priceless benefit of working alongside an industry professional.

  1. How well do you know your software?

There’s no denying that the majority of clinics today rely on software platforms and EMR solutions to help manage their clinic environment. However, the problem is that very often these solutions are being under-utilized. Think about the software that your team uses day in and out. Chances are you can think of certain tabs or sections in the platform that you rarely or never use. Or perhaps you know of other clinics who are making use of streamlining features that you’re not.

Learning your software platform in and out is the first step toward making sure you’re taking advantage of its features to their full capacity. However, we don’t need to say it again, but we know – you’re far too busy to be playing detective inside your IT infrastructure looking for hidden treasure. That’s why an expert eye from a managed IT consultant makes all the difference in optimizing your clinic’s software solution. Their experience and expertise will help them diagnose your inefficiencies and swiftly implement solutions to streamline your clinic’s operations.

Whatever You Do: Don’t Settle for Technology that Simply Works – Make it Work for You

At the end of the day, the whole point of IT innovation in the healthcare sector is to make the lives of practitioners easier and the experience for patients smoother. If your clinic’s IT infrastructure is making the lives of your team or patients harder, you definitely need to do some technology triage.

Taking the time to make sure your IT infrastructure is working for you is an investment worth making – one that will boost your team’s morale and enrich your patient experience. However, since orthopedic surgeons and their support staffs are so strapped for time, it makes sense to reach out to an expert for consultation. Particularly, a managed IT consultant that has experience driving optimization and compliance in the healthcare sector.

Even if you just call for an initial consultation or basic guidance, the help from an industry professional can help take the IT weight off your shoulders. Above all else, optimizing technology and maintaining compliance should be a priority in your clinic. Use this guide as a starting point and lean on the insights of experts. Before you know it, the right IT solutions will have your entire clinic experience optimized. Our guess is that your team and your patients will thank you.

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