More Security = More Confidence & Greater Productivity

We’ve all been in that awkward position where we want to get something done, but we don’t know precisely how to go about doing it.

It feels like you’re a piece on a chess board about three seconds from checkmate. Nothing is moving, nothing is going to move, because everyone is afraid that the move they are about to make is the wrong move.

What if you could be freed from that feeling?

What if your employees know what the protocols are and how to accomplish their daily tasks securely?

What if there was no second guessing or frustrated calls to your office asking, “Can we do it this way?”

Having The Right People At The Helm Of Your Healthcare IT Security Management Is Where Confidence For Your Employees And An Uptick In Productivity Begins.

Without IT security professionals providing employee training and managing IT security compliance, your employees are hesitant. But with the confidence gained through established cybersecurity protocols, they can forge ahead and get things accomplished without looking over their shoulder wondering, “Did I do it right or wrong?”

From our state-of-the-art Network Operations Center (NOC), the Reliable IT Healthcare team provides both in-person and remote technical support, IT security management, and training for the staff of healthcare-related businesses nationwide.

What Is Included In An IT Security Strategy For The Average Healthcare Organization?

  • Network Security – Network Security is a term that encompasses a number of individual security tasks performed by cybersecurity professionals. Network security focuses on ensuring that the access points of both your wired and wireless network do not allow unauthorized access. Once the access points have been secured, ongoing network maintenance and monitoring ensure that any anomalies are discovered, evaluated, and appropriately handled.
  • HIPAA Compliance Services – HIPAA compliance is and will continue to be a time-consuming endeavor for the foreseeable future. As you are aware, meeting the requirements of the HIPAA legislation can be complex – especially as it relates to the securing, transmission, and use of EPHI. By partnering with Reliable IT Healthcare, you help your employees take the guesswork out of the IT side of HIPAA compliance and enable them to do their job without worry or unnecessary risk.
  • Annual Risk Assessments – While we would like to say that doing business online can be made to be risk-free, that’s not the case. Risk assessment, management, and mitigation is an ongoing battle that IT security professionals wage every single day to protect companies like yours. By using an Annual Risk Assessment Strategy, we enable our technicians to provide your executive leadership with a snapshot of your security posture as well as an IT security roadmap for the next year.
  • Managed Firewalls – Your business-class firewalls are miles ahead of the technology used in basic, consumer-grade firewall solutions. They’re just better. But what makes them better is that they can be configured, managed, and monitored. This is a remote process at which the Reliable IT technicians have become extremely proficient. Your firewall is the physical “moat” around your business. Keeping your firewall updated and properly configured will not just give you a higher level of security but will also provide your business with traffic controls that will allow for greater internet and communications efficiency.
  • Managed Threat Prevention – It’s all about monitoring and response. By remotely and automatically observing the function statistics of your IT systems, our cybersecurity professionals can spot threats, trends, and opportunities for efficiency improvements. Remote management not only makes sense from a security point of view but also is advantageous from a practical standpoint. Why? Because remote threat prevention doesn’t require a technician to come in and disrupt your employee’s workflow to get and keep things on track.
  • Single Sign-on, 2-Factor Authentication – How many times have you heard of people having their social media hacked? One factor authentication – a password – just isn’t enough anymore. With Single Sign-on, 2-Factor Authentication, your employees can access all of their computer and online applications – without signing into each application. With just one sign on they can have access to everything they need to do their job – but it is a secure sign-on. Generally, 2-factor authentication requires a username and password plus authentication from something else – usually, a code sent to their smartphone. This double-check reduces the risks associated with password-only security solutions.

Do You Want Twenty Years of Cybersecurity Professionalism On Your Side?

We know that there are a lot of companies out there that claim to have experience in and have the ability to support healthcare organizations. Reliable IT Healthcare stands out from the crowd because healthcare technology is what we do, and it’s all we do! What does that mean for you? It means that your organization is in good hands when you partner with Reliable IT Healthcare.

Do You Wonder How Long Your IT Hardware Is Going To Last And Whether It Is Secure?

What you are looking for is Lifecycle Management. Lifecycle management enables businesses to see the big picture and make decisions based on the age of their equipment, the pace of technology, and the scope of emerging threats. Our Executive IT Consultants work closely with you to give you the information you need to make security-conscious choices about keeping or replacing hardware.

Are You Searching For A Higher Level Of Security For Your Healthcare Data?

There are a limited number of security solutions that meet the high bar set for legislative compliance and healthcare IT. What sets Reliable IT Healthcare apart from others who use the same tools to provide security for healthcare data? This is an area where experience matters and our team shines. Let’s use a simple example. Carpenters buy the best of hammers. It’s the tool they use every day. What makes the difference between a great carpenter and one that does just an “okay” job? It’s not the hammer. It’s the training, the experience, and the skill developed over decades. Securing healthcare data isn’t a “one and done” project. It’s an ongoing warfare scenario between IT security professionals and cyber-criminals. In that warfare, it’s the strategy of how the IT solutions are implemented, maintained, and monitored that makes the difference between EMR security success and failure.

How Will The Reliable IT Healthcare Team Protect You?

  • Cutting Edge Security Protocols
  • Virtualization Support
  • Enterprise-Class Encryption
  • Continuity, Backup, Recovery
  • Geo-Redundancy for Data Storage
  • Cloud Backup
  • Secure Data Cente
  • HIPAA Compliance Support

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