Can Your Healthcare IT Consulting Company Take Care Of Your GE Centricity EMR Solution?

Would you like to avoid common GE Centricity Healthcare IT system problems? While there are a number of issues that can arise when using a healthcare IT system, they can all be resolved by partnering with a reliable healthcare IT consulting company that can offer needed services and training to keep your healthcare IT system optimized at all times.

Proper Employee Training

Want to save the billing department time and money? Training for doctors, nurses and anyone else who is using the GE Centricity Healthcare IT system is a must. Not all medical professionals are tech-savvy; what is more, even small mistakes can have a big impact and take a long time to correct. Common mistakes include not switching the name of the doctor from the one who first admitted the patient to the one who is now caring for him or her, putting in the wrong clinical date and failing to note the change of location for a patient who has been transferred from one department to another.

With proper training from a GE Centricity Healthcare IT Support company, it is possible to customize the forms to make it easy for medical professionals to fill out the right information without undue delay. Proper training also helps doctors and nurses learn how to manage the system without making mistakes that frequently take the billing department hours to rectify. While training does take time and cost money, it saves both time and money in the long run.

Is it costly and difficult to obtain needed training? Thankfully, the answer is no. Reliable IT Healthcare offers a package that includes not only Healthcare IT consulting and support but also customized training to meet your specific needs. What is more, the company will work with you on an ongoing basis, providing refresher courses, ongoing training, and training to new staff arrivals.

Creating the Right IT Service Set-Up

Does your hospital have the right IT service set-up? If the answer is no, then it’s time to upgrade your setup to ensure that it will meet your needs both now and in the future.

While a hospital could create its own IT department, the costs may be prohibitive. You would need to not only invest in high-end servers and other equipment for storing medical data but also hire and train the employees tasked with managing data and maintaining the servers. While IT technicians may be familiar with the technical details involved in setting up new equipment and keeping it running well, they will need to learn about HIPAA compliance and the many other specifics involved in working with medical data.

Would you like to set up the perfect GE Centricity Healthcare system without undue hassle or delay? Working with a healthcare IT services company is the best option. A healthcare company already employs trained professionals who are not only familiar with healthcare software but also HIPAA, HL7, and other applicable regulations. What is more, a company that focuses on providing IT services to the healthcare industry can offer top quality security to ensure your valuable data is safe and secure at all times. Should a system crash occur, you won’t need to look for people who can help you get up and running again? Your chosen healthcare IT consulting partner will have a backup system ready to go at a moment’s notice.

How Can Reliable IT Be Your Healthcare IT Consulting Company

Reliable IT Healthcare specializes in working with large orthopedic and physician groups. We have eighty years of experience as well as the equipment needed to handle any amount of data. The company specializes in IT security, an all-important feature given the fact that cyber-attacks on the medical industry are on the rise and can have a dramatic negative impact on patient care and treatment. Get in touch to find out more about service options or to schedule a risk assessment that will provide your medical facility with the answers and solutions you need to common GE Centricity issues.