Cybercriminals have set their sights on healthcare data, which can yield more than $50 per record on the dark web. And they are succeeding.

No healthcare company, regardless of size, is safe from the prying eyes of hackers, who continue to refine their technology to steal patient information from vulnerable networks.

But it’s not just about data theft anymore. A growing sector of cybercriminals are deploying ransomware or shutting down networks through Denial of Service Attacks that yield even more profits.

Imagine losing access to your entire network, unable to serve patients because every system is down.

  • Would you pay a ransom demand just to get back up and running again?
  • Who would you call to fix the problem?
  • How much do you stand to lose in lost productivity, lost patients, and mounting IT bills?

How vulnerable is your orthopedic practice to growing cyber threats?

Reliable IT Healthcare can help you find out.

We work exclusively with orthopedic groups across the country and back our services with a 100% NO Breach Guarantee!

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The Proactive Approach to Comprehensive Security

All orthopedic practices face multiple threats to their security infrastructure. From email and patient databases to third-party vendors, and suppliers, every link in the chain can lead to a potential security breach. That’s why we’ve developed a comprehensive, proactive, and multi-layered approach to IT security.

We maintain and deploy the most up-to-date tools and certified expertise to address every area that relates to cybersecurity including:

Data Backup / Disaster Recovery

We ensure that all of your data is backed up securely and that backups run correctly every single time. This is critical in the event of a ransomware attack, allowing you to ignore the ransom note, restore your data, and get back to work quickly.

Threat Evaluation

We test your network for vulnerabilities. In fact, we work hard to expose them through phishing testing and detection, intrusion detection, penetration testing and more.

Strategy Development

After we’ve identified your network’s vulnerabilities, we develop strategies to mitigate those risks and present a customized plan, tailored for your individual practice.

Choosing Technology

We’ll work with you to choose the right technology to protect your network from every entry point. We’ll take the time to answer your questions and ensure our recommendations align with your practice goals.

Complete Implementation

We employ certified technicians with extensive experience in healthcare IT support to execute the plan we’ve developed. We’re happy to work with your existing in-house IT support team, too.

24/7 Monitoring and Visibility

Our complete security fabric includes 24/7 monitoring and visibility to combat breaches before they happen and keep you informed with detailed reports and analysis.

Ready to secure your orthopedic practice from cybercriminals?

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Reliable IT identifies our most prominent needs and vulnerabilities, followed by recommendations in strategic solutions tailored to meet our needs.

They spend time getting to know our environment and assist us in dedicating resources to higher priorities rather than continually over-spending on small individual problems.

The individualized attention and one-on-one time we receive from Reliable IT provides a personalized experience that surpasses other vendors.  Their communication is thorough and detailed in their assessments and proposals, and they provide reasoning behind their recommendations.  Reliable IT’s communication, personal attention, and expertise in recommendations and service delivery is exceptional.  They provide the necessary components to improving overall security, which is of the utmost importance to our company.

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Why Work with Us?

We Specialize in IT for Orthopedic Groups

We have built our IT company around the needs of orthopedic groups across the country. That means specialized experience for your network that local MSP’s and general IT support companies simply can’t match.

Our staff includes clinical PM/EMR experts, SQL DBA, report writers, systems engineers, and network engineers, all working cooperatively with our security and compliance fabric, enabling our clients to maximize their clinical systems.


We undergo regular audits to ensure our processes and policies meet or exceed industry best practices, so you know your network and data is safe.

Certified Compliance Expertise

There is not a problem that our certified experts have not resolved in our years in the healthcare industry. Our comprehensive knowledge of HIPAA Compliance is what separates us from the competition.

Nationwide On-site Support

Our nationwide reach allows us to provide an onsite resource to 98% of all zip codes in the US within 4 hours. Plus we have four offices throughout the country in Boston, MA, Orange County, CA, Fort Collins, CO, and Houston, TX.

No Cybersecurity Breach Guarantee

We are so confident in our Security Fabric, we guarantee NO breaches. Any healthcare facility that implements our complete Security Fabric package and experiences a breach will receive a free month of our Cybersecurity service.

Stop wondering if your network is secure and find out for sure!

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