Reliable IT Healthcare works with medical practices across the United States. The company is staffed by trained, experienced, HIPAA-compliant technicians who provide numerous services to enable a healthcare service provider to make wise, well-informed decisions.

Our clinical IT services include:

  • EPM Hosting
  • EMR Hosting
  • Consulting Services
  • Managed Services
  • Upgrade and Migration Assistance
  • System Configurations
  • Ongoing Training


Security Risk Assessment
When Reliable IT Healthcare begins work with any healthcare organization, the first step is to perform a security risk assessment. This assessment, which is performed by a company engineer under the supervision of Chief Operations Officer Lance Goudzwaard, ensures that the IT system is completely safe. If any vulnerabilities are found in the system, the healthcare organization is given a comprehensive report along with recommendations on how to eliminate the vulnerabilities in order to completely secure valuable data.

Clinical IT Assessment
A healthcare organization can also order a clinical assessment, which includes a comprehensive assessment of not only the IT system but also EMR software system and how it is used by all a healthcare organization's different departments. The clinical IT assessment will thoroughly examine the level of EMR support provided by one's EMR program and adjust the program so that it runs at optimal speed and capacity.
Reliable IT Healthcare is also offering a brand new clinical IT assessment service and that is the "secret shopper" service. A Reliable IT Healthcare executive comes into the hospital, clinic or practice incognito, as a regular patient who has made an appointment to see a particular doctor. As a "patient", the executive assesses the performance of front desk personnel, the medical professionals he or she deals with and the overall feel and ambiance of the healthcare facility. The healthcare organization is then given the feedback from this visit; what is more, Reliable IT Healthcare also uses the feedback to offer suggestions that would help the healthcare facility's software programs operate in a patient-friendly, efficient manner.

Communication Makes the Difference
What makes Reliable IT Healthcare so successful in this field? One reason the company has an impressive track record for offering top quality services at an unbeatable price is that company executives spend a lot of time communicating with hospital executives as well as front-line employees such as front desk personnel and medical practitioners.
Each time Reliable IT takes on a job, the company talks to the people who are using the EMR software programs the most to see what changes need to be made so the software and IT systems can operate in an efficient, effective manner. Reliable IT technicians also take the time to learn about a medical facility's patients in order to determine which departments need the most IT assistance and what type of assistance is required to improve workflow and efficiency. In some instances, a change in EMR program is recommended; in other cases, Reliable IT can adapt an EMR program to better suit a medical facility's needs. Reliable IT Healthcare also provides one-time and ongoing training to enable medical facility staff members to learn how to avoid common EMR and IT mistakes.

In-Depth Analytics
Furthermore, Reliable IT Healthcare offers comprehensive clinical IT analytics that enables a practice to provide the best possible services both now and in the future. Reliable IT technicians assess a medical facility's patient data to look for trends so medical service providers can see who is most likely to come in for follow-up visits, what type of medications are in high demand, what services are generating the most or least revenue and much more.
This data is updated regularly as Reliable IT technicians and engineers continue monitoring a medical facility's records. The data is then turned over to the medical facility's executive team so the team can make well-informed decisions regarding patient care and services.
Reliable IT Healthcare has decades of experience providing the best healthcare IT solutions to medical facilities of all types and sizes. The company offers a wide range of clinical IT services to improve hospital workflow, system uptime, EMR support and much more. Technicians and company executives alike take a personal interest in each job to ensure the best possible outcome for the medical facility in question. Furthermore, Reliable IT Healthcare tailors its services to meet the needs of any medical facility, enabling medical service providers to gain access to all the amenities and tools it needs in order to set up and maintain a top-notch IT system. Get in touch with us at your convenience to learn more about our clinical IT services or to schedule the assessment(s) of your choice.

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