• Is your practice investing in the right IT/IS technology to grow your practice?
  • Do you need CIO services on an as needed basis?
  • Looking for operational assistance for specific situations?
  • Do you need the expertise of a COO?
  • Are you in transition and require CEO services?

Whatever your need, we at Reliable IT Healthcare know how important it is for medical practices to align their IT spending with their business goals, as well as make strategic decisions to grow and stay independent. With a professional staff made up of certified technicians and former healthcare practice professionals, we understand what’s at stake.

Healthcare Data Analytics

Data Analytics in healthcare has become a complex and confusing area of focus for many organizations. It’s no longer enough to look at isolated data sets. Healthcare executives and administrators need to take data from all accessible systems and bring the information together in a meaningful way to provide insight into business objectives and strategic future.

We help you mine your data to uncover opportunities that help you provide better service and continue to grow your practice.

We can help you discover:

  • Who is most likely to come in for follow-up visits?
  • What types of medications are in high demand?
  • Which services are generating the most or least revenue?
  • and much, much more

Continuous monitoring ensures your data is always up to date, so your executive team has the information to make well-informed decisions regarding patient care and services.

We leverage tools such as Tableau and Microsoft BI to bring all of your data into one place. Then we provide the expertise and guidance required to analyze and understand the data in order to:

  • Create growth
  • Prevent and stop leakage
  • Improve profits
  • Improve patient outcomes and care

HIPAA and Annual Risk Assessments

Is your practice at risk for a breach? Are you concerned about ransomware attacks or hacking that could shut your network down?

We perform in-depth security risk analysis that can uncover potential vulnerabilities across your network infrastructure. We’ll find the security holes that put your business at risk and help you develop a layered security infrastructure to minimize vulnerabilities now and in the future. Plus, we back our service with a No Cybersecurity Breach Guarantee!

Clinical IT Assessments

Whether you’re considering a change in EHR providers, want to upgrade your technology, or just aren’t sure about the current state of your HIPAA compliance, we conduct a thorough assessment to help you understand where you stand.

  • We’ll thoroughly examine your EMR software system and evaluate how it is used by all of your organization’s different departments.
  • We’ll examine the level of EMR support provided by your EMR program and adjust the program so it runs at optimal speed and capacity.
  • Plus, we’ll recommend other improvements that can increase productivity, streamline complexity, and improve patient interaction and record-keeping practices.

Ongoing Support

At Reliable IT Healthcare we believe in true partnership with our clients. That means ongoing support you can count on.

  • We take the time to communicate with top executives, as well as front-line employees, such as front desk personnel and medical practitioners to truly understand your practice from the ground up.
  • We dig into the details, taking the time to learn about your patients in order to determine which departments need the most IT assistance and what assistance is required to improve workflow and efficiency.
  • We even provide one-time or ongoing training to help your staff learn how to avoid common EMR and IT mistakes.

Ready for focused IT clinical support that’s worth your investment?

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