HIPAA and Annual Risk Assessments

Is your practice at risk for a breach? Are you concerned about ransomware attacks or hacking that could shut your network down?

How Do we Solve this problem and mitigate your Risk?

We perform in-depth security risk analysis that can uncover potential vulnerabilities across your network infrastructure. We’ll find the security holes that put your business at risk and help you develop a layered security infrastructure to minimize vulnerabilities now and in the future.

Plus, we back our service with a No Cybersecurity Breach Guarantee!

Clinical IT Assessments

Whether you’re considering a change in EHR providers, want to upgrade your technology, or just aren’t sure about the current state of your HIPAA compliance, we conduct a thorough assessment to help you understand where you stand.

  • We’ll thoroughly examine your EMR software system and evaluate how it is used by all of your organization’s different departments.
  • We’ll examine the level of EMR support provided by your EMR program and adjust the program, so it runs at optimal speed and capacity.
  • Plus, we’ll recommend other improvements that can increase productivity, streamline complexity, and improve patient interaction and record-keeping practices.