Is Your Orthopedic Practice
Secure and Compliant?

Whether you’re using in-house IT staff or an outside IT company, it could be time for a change if:

  • Your IT team is spending more time “fighting fires” than ever before.
  • Important upgrades often get pushed back due to technology issues.
  • You frequently struggle to access patient records or record information.
  • You deal with annoying glitches that take you away from providing the care your patients deserve.
  • You worry about getting hacked or losing network access and critical data.

Managed IT

Stop wasting time putting out fires. Our strategic, proactive approach to IT support means a strong, responsive network that just works!


How vulnerable is your orthopedic practice to growing cyberthreats? We can help you find out. Plus, we back our services with a 100% NO Breach Guarantee!

Medical Practice Consulting

Are you utilizing the right technologies for your practice? We can help you choose the RIGHT solutions to enhance your growing orthopedic practice.

Healthcare Compliance Consulting

Is your practice in complete compliance with HIPPA regulations? We provide a full range of regulatory compliance risk management services, customized to your practice needs.

Are You Settling for Less than You Should When It Comes to IT?

Many growing orthopedic practices eventually reach a crossroads when it comes to their IT services. Problems begin to crop up as the business grows. Your current IT team might not have the knowledge or expertise to keep up with your evolving needs.

When it comes time to discuss your IT budget, you may be reluctant to spend more, even if you feel you should. That’s because your current team is unable to really explain how suggested upgrades can benefit your practice both in the short and long-term. You simply don’t know enough about technology to make an informed choice.

So you settle for what you have and hope for the best.

At Reliable IT Healthcare we know that it doesn’t need to be this way. It’s possible to build a strong, responsive network that works for your practice, without spending outrageous amounts of money.

Our team is made up of 75+ certified technicians and former healthcare practice managers. Not only do we understand technology, but we understand the needs of orthopedic practices from the inside out. We speak your language!

That means we can help you utilize your IT budget on the RIGHT technologies that secure your network, provide responsive service for your clients, and help you grow your practice.

There is not a problem that our certified experts have not resolved in our 24+ years in the healthcare industry. Our comprehensive knowledge of HIPAA Compliance ensures your systems are always compliant, period.

Ready to stop throwing good money after bad?
Stop settling for mediocre IT support and step up to real solutions that make the most of your IT investment.

Contact Reliable IT Healthcare to discuss proactive IT strategies to transform your practice.

“Reliable IT was able to point out some things that we could improve upon and helped us get better processes in place.”

We have always had internal IT, through a local company in Colorado Springs. We still utilize them for our IT needs; however, we got involved with Reliable IT for our security risk analysis that is required for MIPS, Macro, as well as others each year. So, that is how we started with Reliable IT, last year we did our first assessments, and it went really well.

We are in our second year starting our analysis, round two with Reliable IT. They were able to point out some things that we could improve upon and helped us get better processes in place. Some of our big things were our servers and our backup, so we did have to make some changes internally based on their suggestions. We do house all of our IT internally, so we did have to make some adjustments to our servers, what all was stored on each server, just to be more compliant based on their recommendations and have a more secure platform.